NEW OPEL INSIGNIA INTERIOR DESIGNNew opel insignia interior design, in the category of a sports car with character design. Especially with the make-up changes it has undergone in 2014 had become more mature vehicle rear taillights with a view stretching from side to side. The front view of the new led and xenon headlights and gained a more sporty and aggressive look with its low sloping fog lights. Apart from these, a comprehensive radical change did not happen. The cars design is defined as a coupe, sedan. Significant changes were made in the car interior.

Interior of the biggest changes

Interior of the biggest changes occurred in the tachometer display. Changing button survivors from the crowd and simplification of the control unit as well as the air conditioning, tachometer display screen ghosts he converted to digital indicator is called. Tachometer and fuel gauge in the middle of the manual include an 8-inch color display. This way you can get information such as the display of information and speed tachometer. Ghost counter screen resolution is a bit low, though perfectly adequate. Within easy access to the vehicle audio system and climate control buttons. Proximity from the well-adjusted. The only drawback in the climate control unit, consisting of a little hard of temperature settings plus or minus key. I think that you use back to normal. Insignia, notable for its large size and muscular structure from the outside. The model does not reflect the imposing appearance of the interior to the outside rear. But not enough distance in the rear seat knee, limited headroom offers a living area. Especially tall journeys will not be happy with this situation. This is a conceptual problem stemming from the fact that the car’s sport sedan status. Storage compartments in terms of the number of insignia lags behind its competitors. This vehicle sunroof is particularly preferable. Sunroof car’s small windows and narrow design space created by the rear headroom is freshens to a certain extent. New opel insignia interior design as you wish.

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