Hyundai ix35 Elite

Hyundai ix35 Elite SpecsHyundai has renewed the SUV-C segment ix35 model by makeover. Hyundai ix35 Elite takes attention with more stylish design and renovated engine.

This new Hyundai now gained LED daytime running lights as many other cars in this segment. These LED daytime running lights adds aggressive and sporty look by combined with hexagonal front grille. Blacked out wheels attracts attention in rear sides. These wheels are offered as 17 and 18 inches options. Bulging fenders and black details in lower portion reflects SUV characteristics of car. Hyundai ix35 Elite is 4410 mm long, 1820 mm wide, 1665 mm high.

Interior design is also attractive. The music system in center console, steering wheel and dashboard reflects nice design features. You can control many options of car by car’s steering wheel. The use of the audio system and air conditioning system is extremely simple. Music system is supported by USB and AUX inputs, this is new technological option of car. Steering wheel is equipped; comes with very different feature. 3 different driving modes are available for steering wheel. These are “Normal”, “Comfort” and “Sport” options. Comfort mode makes it easy to maneuver in narrow streets. Sport mode increases steering precision. Another different option is automatic parking system that you can activate with button on centre console. This system allows parking right, lift or centre instead of you. This useful feature of Hyundai ix35 Elite seems like get much attention from drivers. The volume of interior design is comfortable both front and rear passengers. Leather seats are comfortable and also safety during hard driving conditions.

Elite comes with 1.6-liter petrol engine option with 6-speed automatic transmission. Engine produces 135 Hp power and 164 Nm torque value. Car completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 12.9 seconds. Maximum speed is 160 km/h. With 135 hp engine Hyundai ix35 Elite is powerful and also environmentally friendly.

Keyless entry and start system is offered with Hyundai Elite. In this way, you do not need to take key from your pocket to start and open the car. It is another useful function of this model. As you see this car comes with many improvements!

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