Volvo V40

Volvo V40Volvo V40, has a body structure called sportback. Volvo officials by the feedback from customers and received suggestions and opinions are shaped in accordance with the V40, competing against very strong competitors in the class. British designer Peter Horbury’n the V40, the last Volvo models designed before Geely. V40 was produced on a modified Ford C1 platform. The exterior design of the V-shaped bonnet and wide enough to receive a present ahead of sufficient air grill. LED daytime running lights in the lower part of the front line was placed for a wide stop. Starting from the front lines continue toward the back side, continues right descending line back in the hood. This tool allows to reach a more dynamic image. Volvo’s located between invariants “safety and comfort” event was still very careful. Another feature of the vehicle can be personalized.

Volvo V40 interior design and engine

There are so many types and colors of interior LED lighting equipment. They tried to make it particularly comfortable seats. Digital dashboard completely renovated. Customizable views and information, which further enhances the already uncomplicated driver experience. Although similar characteristics to cause any of the other Volvo models, especially the digital structure and customized dial reveals the difference. Not include any button on the center console more. Fully user-driven, provided a comfortable and easy to use. Be nice details such as the glass above the gearshift knob between. Inside the panoramic glass roof also provides for a more spacious look bright. Volvo V40 resimleriküçük study also seem a tool be careful not to create a spacious area inside the vehicle. In this flat and broad lines used. The boot of the vehicle can be used as a two-storey structure with double-paned. 4369 mm long, 1802 mm width and 1445 mm in height with the car’s trunk volume of 335 liters. I think your dream car is a Volvo V40.

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