Toyota RAV4


Toyota RAV4 DesignToyota RAV4 is 4th generation of model and comes with new makeover. Unlike small SUV-Crossover models car appeals mature client. Car is really proper with families, and improved by new dynamic design , premium interior design and better driving experiments.

New Design of Toyota RAV4

Car is 4570 mm long, 1845 mm wide and 1715 mm high; we can say this size values are really big. High luggage volume is one of the striking features of car. This volume makes it proper for families. The facelifted model remains in the mind with the new nose design. Now the image is aggressive, and frustrated. The image recognition is growing with powerful headlight design. Indented structure makes car more muscular and add stylish details to exterior design. 17-18 inch wheels highlighted with plastic coatings. Width and height of car is highlighted with rear design.

Luxury Interior of Toyota RAV4

Some changes are done in interior design to make it more luxury. The redesigned dashboard, center console, instrument panel and door trim have gained a more modern image. Material quality makes interior of RAV4 very luxurious. Blue light is used for background color of for the screen and display. 4.2-inch TFT information display is located in front of driver, 7-inch multimedia screen works integrated in the center console. 7 inch screen works with Toyota Touch 2 system and navigation is offered as optional.

Specs and Safety Features of Toyota RAV4

Many improvements and additions are applied for safety trim of car. New safety package is called as Toyota Safety Sense and combines many modern safety features. Pedestrian detection system, adaptive cruise control, lane track warnings, automatic beam switching, blind spot warning and back traffic assistant are safety technologies of RAV4. 360 degrees panoramic view is obtained by cameras located over car. That makes driver’s job easier in city traffic. Hybrid model is available for this model. Hybrid model of  Toyota RAV4 has 2.5-liter 197 hp engine with additional 50 kW electric motor.

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