Toyota for eleven months has sold 9.2 million cars

Toyota for eleven months has sold 9.2 million carsThis year paced automotive company Toyota for eleven months has sold 9.2 million cars
could become the 4th time in a row the best-selling brand in the world. This was reported by representatives of the company Toyota.

It should be noted that the current members of the group is in addition to the main brand also has two subsidiaries, namely Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor. There is information that this year were sold over nine million vehicles a modern production of this brand.

According to the information of qualified experts, well-known brand attracted the attention of a potential consumer by a balance between rates and quality vehicles. As you know, the main competitor of the company is Volkswagen.

This brand also has a very high quality of its products. Together with these mark practically has no economy car class. It was also reported that the Volkswagen group for the current year has successfully implemented more than eight million of today’s vehicles.

Due to this, the brand has the opportunity to take in the list of the

most popular car brands

of second place.
Carmaker Toyota has retained its status as a world leader in the sale of cars. For the period from January to November 2015, the company sold 9.2 million cars, according to a report published on the Toyota website. In the leadership of the group expects that by the end of the year the number of sold cars will be 10.1 million units.

Meanwhile, total sales of the auto giant fell 1 percent compared with last year. However, Toyota was able to realize approximately 110 thousand cars more than Volkswagen, caught in the middle of the scandal with diesel. For 11 months of 2015 VW sold about 9.1 million cars, Reuters writes.
The Volkswagen scandal broke out in September 2015, when the U.S. Agency for environmental protection (EPA) revealed that the company installed in its vehicles with diesel engines are computer programs that during inspections understate the indicators of harmful emissions. Total production reached about 11 million such vehicles.
The problems were and Toyota: in October, the group was forced to recall nearly
Toyota for eleven months has sold 9.2 million cars in workshops because of the defective Windows.

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