The Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari F12tdf DesignFerrari F12tdf is the new car of Ferrari and preparing to take to the road. Car will come with 780 horsepower V12 engine. This is a special edition model and only produced 799 cars. This new model reaches 340 km / h maximum speed and completes  0-100 km / h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds . Ferrari F12tdf is really attractive with muscular design, aerodynamic and sportive features.

Design of Ferrari F12tdf

New F12tdf is designed by Ferrari Centro Stile and reflects sculptural design of F12 Berlinetta model of Ferrari. Body panels are designed from back to front; front and rear wheel arches have been widened to get more aggressive look.  The rear spoiler is now 60 mm longer and 30 mm higher. The upright design is used for increase down force. Front low spoilers, side skirts, side air intakes, diffuser and many other pieces are made from carbon fiber material for achieving lightweight design. The same materials are also used in cabin, and door panels. Besides lightweight structure, this material is also very durable. With using carbon fiber material weight of  F12tdf is 1415 kg and 110 kg lighter than F12Berlinatta.

Performance of Ferrari F12tdf

F12tdf will come with 780 hp engine that produces 40 hp more energy than F12 Berlinetta’s engine. Car reaches 100 km from 0 km in just 2.9 seconds. Car achieves 200 km/h from static position in just 7.9 seconds and maximum speed is 340 km/h. Engine produces 750 Nm torque and supported by F1 DCT gearbox. With the use of one-piece brake calipers of LaFerrari; performance becomes safer. Car has 0.5 meters braking distance for 100 km / h speed.

Ferrari F12tdf Engineering

Ferrari engineers benefit from the experience gained by XX programs when they developing ¬†F12tdf. Ferrari develops new Virtual Short Wheelbase system to ensure full performance for even the most sensitive drivers. Virtual Short Wheelbase, also improves high-speed stability while improving the vehicle’s responsiveness for sudden returns and makes Ferrari F12tdf more agile.

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