The company TVR has signs of life

The company TVR has signs of lifeBritish sports car manufacturer the company TVR has signs of life is not produced cars for ten years, but in 2017 will introduce a new coupe. It was announced back in the summer, and now will show you a sketch.

The proportions, profile, shifted to the rear axle cabin and overall style allow you to identify anonymous while sports cars like the TVR creation glorious brand, founded in 1947 and known for its powerful and very impressive beasts. Car production has stopped in 2006, during the time of ownership by the Russian Nikolai Smolenski. Hope was born in 2013, when the company passed into the hands of British businessman Les Edgar. The

perspective image of a sports car

published on a page of TVR in the social network Facebook. Interestingly, almost the same sketch was shown the edition Autocar.

TVR started to accept orders for a novelty back in the summer. Those wishing to join the world of genuine English machines was proposed in the truest sense to blindly trust the company at all times and to coupe with traditional design and a V8 engine prepared by Cosworth Engineering. According to some reports, engineering firm, collaborated with Ford, Mercedes-Benz and, most importantly, for decades was building a formula-based units, modified for project Ford “eight” Ti-VCT Mustang from. But if on a standard sports car, it delivers 435 HP in the Arsenal of the “Briton” will be 450-470 HP lubrication System – dry sump. Transmission, of course, mechanical.
The use of overseas motors – the solution is in the traditions of a small company, of Albion.

Recall, for example, V8 cars Jensen or Ford engines, which were manufactured using Sunbeam Tiger and the Shelby AC Cobra cult products. At the time, and TVR dabbled U.S. aggregate base: Rover V8 that was put on some of its models have their roots in an aluminum Buick motor. But the chassis of the new items will have its own, very English and unique spatial power structure iStream from engineer Gordon Merrey, created in 90-ies of the supercar McLaren F1.

The circle of admirers TVR is not as wide as a Porsche. But the brand loyalty! In the summer mark took orders for only six weeks, and this period was sufficient to select a quota of 250 sports cars, which will release in 2017. New orders are accepted on the machines of 2018.

This year, from oblivion is back also a German company Borgward. However, she started with a priori profitable crossover BX7, designed primarily for the Chinese market for the company TVR has signs of life.

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