Test drive Renault Trafic third generation

Test drive Renault Trafic third generationThis spring, the Ukrainian market was the popular representative of the distribution range Renault model test drive Renault Trafic third generation. The car changed in appearance, became more comfortable and more economical.

Needless to say, no wonder the Renault 17 years in a row occupies a leading position in the European market in the segment of light commercial vehicles. Much credit for this and Trafic models. Special popularity was won the car of the second generation, introduced in 2001 for all time made over 1.5 million cars. In 2007

“Traffic” has undergone a restyling

. And finally, last summer, came off the Assembly line a completely new machine – the next, third generation.

Cars Renault Trafic, as well as their “twins” Opel Vivaro, grow very well in Europe. In addition to a good price/quality, these machines, no doubt many attracted by the original design with protruding above the main body of the roof of the cab. No wonder this car factory stylists compared with the head of an elephant. And it is very important that the model of the third generation of this design finding preserved, albeit in a less severe form – the roof of the stands, but not so noticeable.

The front part has changed radically. There were huge lights that stretch the entire length of the hood. New grille, which is crowned by a large diamond – a notorious emblem of the brand. Also to learn and massive front bumper. As for the profile, then there is a novation. Disappeared typical longitudinal fracture that came from an inclined line of side Windows to the front fenders. It was replaced by a turned up up the confirmation to the front doors, which is a continuation of the convex waist line. This line, incidentally, is now not cut off just behind the rear wheel, and goes up to the line of the side Windows.

Test drive Renault Trafic third generation, you can find new ceiling lights, which are now in the section have V-shaped, rectangular and familiar. The latter refers to vertical plastic racks that host the lampshades – they also now have a box section. By the way, handle rear, double doors is located not vertically, but horizontally.

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