Test drive Hyundai Tucson 2016

Test drive Hyundai Tucson 2016The new Hyundai Tucson might fit into the scenario of Emir Kusturica. Anyway, a bold and sporty appearance of this crossover to become a dynamic, adventurous plots of his films. Debuted with “the actor”, we learn in the Balkan scenery.

The debut model at the Geneva motor show in 2015. For European market cars are in Czech Republic.
Key innovations and test drive Hyundai Tucson 2016:

– exterior and interior
– equipment and technologies
– 7-step “robot” with two clutches 7DCT
– Gamma petrol engines: 1.6 liters (132 HP) and 1.6 l Turbo (175 HP)
– upgraded petrol: 2.0 (155 HP)
– upgraded diesel: 1.7 litre (115 BHP) and 2.0 (136/185 HP)

The key for Europe:
the car regained the name “Toucan
– will be offered with 2-liter engines, 6-V. Manual gearbox and automatic gearbox, with front-and rear-wheel drive
– estimated time of debut – December 2015

The newcomer aims to strengthen the position of Hyundai in the global market and in Eastern Europe, and his popularity should be no less than first two generations. And judging by what we saw upon arrival in Serbia, the chances of this from “Tucana” (that is, refer to the old name) is very good.

Third edition – augmented
What a sin to conceal – in the first generation Hyundai Tucson was no different sophistication and elegance. And yet, despite the outer edge and inner simplicity (or because of them), it has gained immense popularity in Ukraine. Not the last role in this was played by the availability of, and as a result the first Tucson has become a reliable and undemanding laborer and helper, not claiming to have his photo hung on the wall in the living room.

Hyundai Tucson first generation

became a bestseller in our country thanks to the unpretentiousness and simplicity of design. For a while he manufactured and sold in parallel with the heir, and in China is still

In the second generation of the crossover design has become more emotional and sensual. Although some solutions, such as the massive front wings, for me personally, was doing his profile too heavy, and the whole appearance has become too feminine. But in terms of technology this was a big step forward.
Hyundai Tucson/ix35 second generation in Europe was sold and offered to this day under the name ix35. Moved to 2013 facelift refreshed model. The car test drive Hyundai Tucson 2016 is available with 2-liter engines 2.0 MPI (petrol) and 2.0 CRDi (diesel), with front-and all-wheel drive, 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

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