Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25dThe third generation test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d has become even bigger. In this case it was mounted 4-cylinder engine from the compact SUV and passenger cars with a displacement of just 2.0 liters. Fans of the model froze in disbelief and we went to check how well this engine will cope with its task.

– received 4-cylinder engine volume of 2.0 liters
– there was a version exclusively with rear-wheel drive sDrive 25d
– a new modification xDrive40е – rechargeable benzoelektrosila hybrid
– began officially sold in our country with three rows of seats
– top fold tailgate got the drive

In Europe:
Gasoline specifications:
– X5 xDrive35i (306 HP)
– X5 xDrive50i (450 HP)
– X 5M (575 HP)

Diesel versions:
X5 xDrive25d (218 HP)
X5 xDrive30d (258 HP)
X5 xDrive40d (313 HP)
X5 M50d (381 HP)

Cost model:
from 1 986 338 USD.*
*On 03.04.2015 G.

BMW X5 (E70) 2007

In the past generation (the second generation) X5 was in the 7-seater version, but officially in Ukraine only supplied 5-seater car. At the time of the facelift in 2010 (pictured) the line of power units has been updated, but the fact that this crossover will get a motor with only four cylinders and a volume of 2.0 liters, in those days no one could not imagine.

Thanks to such an expressive front of the new

X5 looks pretty aggressive

. But in profile the back part may seem too heavy and too massive. The fact that pillar has retained the dynamic slope, but on the sides of the glass tailgate appeared aerodynamic “blades” Air Blade. Painted black, they blend in with the bodywork and visually expand the rack, so on a light car is no such effect. And most importantly, with vertical slits of air curtains in the front bumper and “gills” in the wings of these elements allow the new BMW X5‘s low drag coefficient CX = 0,31.

At first glance, the current test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d with factory index F15 looks more compact than its predecessor. In fact he was 29 mm longer and 14mm wider but 15mm lower due to the reduced clearance. Yes and the seats are built on a good height, so to sit in the cabin and to get out of it easier. The wheelbase is the same 2993 mm as before, but the internal space is used more wisely, so on the second row here is much bigger and more comfortable.

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