Tesla Model S

Tesla Model STesla Model S
is first premium model with all electric engine and has an important role on automotive sector because of this feature. It challenges against competitors and car using fuel. Car is produced by a small team directed by engineer Elon Musk.

Design of Tesla Model S

Thin and bulging headlights extended through back. Bi-Xenon headlights are used for rear-facing thicker part of headlights. This headlight design gives aggressive look to Model X. Side of car is designed with curved lines and looks amazing! Window edges follow these curves properly.

Interior Design of Tesla Model S

Interior shows the harmony of wooden and fabric. Center panel among two front seats is 17 inches. Screen is designed to easy usage and works with Android. Three-spoke steering wheel with sharp edges is striking property of interior design that many users love. There is a screen behind indicator panel that shows all critical driving information. This screen is framed with chrome details. Chrome details are completed with chrome material inside door surfaces. . The rear seats are independent and for 3 people. This separate designs offer very comfortable interior. Model S has complete glass ceiling. Ceiling is blocking 98% of visible light and blocking 81% of heat. So interior is not extreme hot because of glass ceiling. Tesla aims to become a car for everyone so offers total 7 seating. 2 rear-facing child seats are in luggage; these seats can be opened automatically.

Specs of Tesla Model S

Model S has 3 different battery options. 60 kW option has 370 km of range and produces 302 horsepower and reach maximum 193 km / h speed. 85 kW h option offers approximately 480 km of range, 362 hp power and 200 km/h maximum speed. This option offers more sportive driving experience with Performance version. Range is increased to 480 km, and power becomes 416 hp for this version. Superchargers fill all the batteries in 75 minutes and using to charge Tesla Model S.

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