Renault Latitute

Renault LatituteRenault Latitute new concept, new desing, comfortable, security everything in Latitute. New desing is a diffrent other Renault models. Bright and beautiful look with a stylish grille with beyond modern times. Renault Latitude enjoy the journey with exclusive features.

Renault Latitute and Comfortable

Renault Latitude is aimed at peaceful ride comfort with exclusive models. This model really diffrent other Renault models.¬†Straight lines and headlight design creates aggressive image. Dynamic and aggresive image¬†is much more attractive now.¬†Equipped with high technology new latitute so much¬†provides a peaceful and comfortable journeys.¬†Large internal volume in this model designed with advanced technology, superior filtered air, provide comfort and extraordinary music enjoyment and massaging driver’s seat.¬†

Security of Renault Latitute

Thin and kind dashbord the last point of technology. You need to know to dial using richer colors and clearer images instantly and warning lights. Really inside the car it is equipped with a complete airbag. 2 curtain airbag for head, 2 adaptive front airbag is side airbags are available for the 2 breast and buttocks. Your opinion makes the distant fog healthier and longer. If you want a latitute this subject it will be useful for you. Electronic balance application when the bad weather or a sudden swerve reflexively allows you to lose control. Of course, at this stage electronic anti-skid system that works in conjunction with ASR. Comfortable and easy on our eyes also light and sunlight can provide close to the slope by the road allows you to travel safely in your car moving. Spacious interior design, excellent aerodynamics and natural gas feature are striking new features that come with new concept.

How the engine ?

Renault use the¬†dCi 110 bg ¬†EDC automatic¬†6 this engine is a so powerfull. Okey, is this economic ? Yes Latitute is so economic. Fuel consumption: 4.7 liters per 100 km. Engine capasity is a 1491 cc this¬†enough for a family car. Engine power is a 110 HP so its a perfect. Renault Latitue beyond your limits…

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