Opel Meriva 2016

ExtremeThe debut of the Opel Meriva 2016 has generated a lot of questions. We found the answers in the test cars in Spain and in communication with the first persons of Adam Opel AG and GM. We offer you solving the mysteries of “meriva”.

When I received the invitation to test Opel Meriva in Spain, on Majorca island, I was glad the opportunity to go again in this beautiful country, but a special connection between the novelty and the venue of test is not provided. As it turned out, in vain. Link Mallorca with the new machine the most direct. On this stretch of land the length and width of 98 km 78 there are plenty of everything you need to enjoy life. You can sit in a quiet restaurant, sipping wine and eating paella or frying on the beach, which are countless on the coast line length of 554 km. Cozy Bay ready to shelter fans of yachting and diving. “Extreme” may be filed in the South-Western part of the island, where the ridge of the Sierra de is a Paradise for lovers of climbing, mountain Biking and other “adrenaline” activities.

What is the Meriva, you ask?

Despite the fact that she is as versatile as Mallorca. In Meriva combines a lot of advantages, allowing to use it for daily commuting in the city, as a family car, transportation, travel, etc.

In the evening, after the test trips for a traditional dinner for journalists joined not only technicians, but also managers of the company. However, their positions caused a slight shock. Going to the restaurant, I nearly collided, chief propagandist of GM North America; immediately at a table with colleagues communicated with the President of the European branch of GM, Michael J. Barnes and the head of General Motors Corporation Rick Wagoner. About Opel Meriva 2016 bosses and say nothing – were all managers within the planning, design, engineering, and chief engineer and, of course, the chief of the Adam Opel AG Carl-Peter Forster.

Official to anything, the ties are removed, the collars of the shirts unbuttoned. Drinking old brandy, sharks automotive business to share with journalists information about his new brainchild.

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