Nissan Juke 2015

Nissan Juke 2015Nissan is the leader of B-segment Crossover cars and continues popularity with new Nissan Juke 2015 model. Car comes with new engine technology and efficiency. And also attracts attention with sunroof; offer comfort and bright journey! With this new car Nissan combines features of sport car and SUV together and be the leader of totally new flow. This car is first produced in 2010 and sold approximately 500 thousand of Juke models. This 2015 model will show the same effect with unique and funny style, superior feature and economical efficient features.

What are The Design Features of Nissan Juke 2015?

You all know the funny and unique design is the most striking feature of Juke cars. You will feel the same effect with Juke 2015. Bold and unique details are combined with sportive and crossover characteristic for Juke. Nissan designers design the car with considers all the finest details. Car shows the boomerang like that is the characteristic feature of Nissan design for last few years. V shaped grille shows the sportive and strong image of car. LED daytime running lights and xenon headlights improves the vision quality and also contribute design.  New Nissan Juke comes with magnetic yellow and sapphire blue exterior color options. These colors are different than usual color and appeal its unique looking. Good choice for who wants to extraordinary color for car. Sunroof is optional and offered with Sky Pack. It totally affect interior and make it fresher, comfortable. This is good feeling for both passengers and driver.

What Are The Customization Options of Nissan Juke 2015?

Color is customized according to customer’s taste.  Special Edition version offers red, black, yellow and white color options for exterior design and same color theme is used for interior design too. 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels are included in this package and reflect sportive soul of Juke. You can customize color for center console, door details, steering wheel, leather seat trim and stitching too.

What Are The Technical Specs of Nissan Juke 2015?

New Nissan Juke works with 1.2 liters DIG-T petrol engine with manual transmission. This engine produces 115PS (85kW) power and 190 Nm of torque. Here you can find pictures of  Nissan Juke 2015.

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