Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 Invite

Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 InviteMitsubishi Space Star 1.2 Invite is a classy new car of Mitsubishi brand. Space Star 1.2 Invite offers a pleasant journey by strong performance, less fuel consumption and ease of usage. Those who want to enjoy a real driving pleasure; can try this car! And also this Mitsubishi model is environment friendly. Because CO2 emission values are much less damaging than other cars.  Thus is giving very little damage to the environment and offers good driving options together.

Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 Invite Easy Usage

I have mentioned that the ease of usage. One of the properties that support this claim is keyless start feature. You can start the car even do not take off the key from your pocket. You just need to sit in driver’s seat and push the start-stop button. You car is ready to go now!

Sportive Features of Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 Invite

Car has a sportive design and features. You can notice that when you are in cabinet. In addition, this sporty style is supported with safety options! And I can say that the exterior look of car is really stylish!  Space Star 1.2 Invite completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 11.7 seconds; and the maximum speed of car is 180 km/h. These values are really successful according to its class. This vehicle’s fuel consumption is better than expected. Gasoline Space Star 1.2 Invite has 5.2 liters fuel consumption in urban, and 3.8 liters for outside the city. We can say that the fuel consumption values are average and good according to performance of car. Space Star 1.2 produces 106 Nm torque.

Specs of Space Star 1.2 Invite Easy Usage

Luggage volume is 235 liters and very good value. Car is 865 kg and this makes it lighter than many other cars. This lightweight design makes it more agile. In terms of grip; car is really successful. Car offers good balance even under bad weather conditions and road situations. Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 Invite pictures are in gallery below!

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