Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASXMitsubishi ASX is a lancer exterior design begins with a shark looking design we see the face of the ASX. Despite aggressive designs on the front and rear side available in a simpler design. ASX’s fog lights that use xenon systems Headlights serves as daytime running lights. In this case, the user can bring in Turkey often faced with the traffic police.
The most remarkable place in the starting line extending to stop the group from the side profile view of the signal line. ASX, bigger wheels instead of 16-inch wheels it could have used a more powerful appearance. Despite the exciting preliminary design of the rear portion designed extremely simple.

Mitsubishi ASX Interior Design

Interior away from the elite and stylish design, the simplicity of the model designed in the 90s. The car is given a very hard plastic material used in the visualization functionality. All buttons are ergonomically simple, but the image stuck.
Leather-wrapped steering wheel, the audio system controls on the left side while the right side which placed buttons that control the cruise control system. The center console has a simple design. The button is illuminated from the unpleasant details for the auto glass only driver.

Mitsubishi ASX Engine

Today, the lack of parking sensors  camera system in one of the car’s missing. 442-liter boot offers sufficient volume users. 4×4 vehicle with his brother this feature is not simple to distinguish 4×2 models.
1.8-liter diesel engine produces 116 hp. The 150 hp version of this engine sold in Europe, our country is enough to transport 300 nm torque tool. The car’s maximum speed of 185 km per hour, completes the 0-100 acceleration in 10.6 seconds.
Fuel consumption is 6.1 liters of urban, suburban given as 4.6 and 5.1 liters mixed. As a senior engine technology, the D-ID engine, combined 6-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle start / stop system available.
Mitsubishi ASX, could not save himself from the noisy nature of the disease means that we see often in remote eastern. The amount of reflected sound in the car’s interior more than its competitors. In particular, the ASX on the road needs to be improved sound.
The sound of the diesel engine 3500 / min when reaching disturbing levels being reached. Luckily for less, you do not use a lot of torque produced bands of this era.

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