Poseidon Mercedes-AMG C 63

Mercedes-AMG C 63Not every modern car can boast of power in the region of seven hundred horses. The interesting aftermarket sedan poseidon Mercedes-AMG C 63: nightmare supercars.

A true “wolf in sheep’s clothing” than not gives his sinister nature, and super-“tseshka” from the tuning company Poseidon in this regard is fully consistent with the canons. It was originally sport area Mercedes-AMG C 63 and were horrified by “by turbulence” capacity of 4.0 liter capacity of 476 HP in the standard version and 510 HP in the modification of S. But revised version’s much cooler – if not twice, then in half exactly!

Often third-party companies are limited to the flashing of an electronic control unit, extracting extra horsepower without much effort. But in Poseidon approached the issue thoroughly: replaced turbochargers in a more productive, installed a new intercooler, a sports exhaust system and “poured” the new software. Staffing impact pales against the

power tuning car

with 700 HP and 890 Nm!

The sprint to 100 km/h is contraindicated for the faint of heart – a sports car shoots for 3,4 with, leaving far behind the standard of speed, “hundreds” for 4,1-4,2 ° C. the Maximum speed of 343 km/h turns it into a real killer of supercars. One can only guess the thoughts of the driver of the Lamborghini when he sits down the tail of the wagon. The upgrades also Refine the rear differential and navigation system that shows location of police radar. A very useful option for crazy “Cesky”!

Extreme “shed” from Poseidon today among the best tuning modifications. For example, the monster company Wimmer produces 640 HP. This car really perfect for Mercedes lovers. Mercedes gives an offer 640 HP only on this Mercedes – AMG C 63 S models. This upgraded model are really different and pefect instead of other models.
Firm Brabus, famous for a truly transcendent super silence, recently presented a program of improvements for the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. Interestingly, the car is not as fierce as you can imagine, the capacity increased “only” 90 HP in poseidon Mercedes-AMG C 63: nightmare supercars.

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