Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE DesigJaguar comes with new middle segment car Jaguar XE. New model is introduced in Paris Motor Show and gets a lot of attention. XE takes important part with its  performance and driving pleasure among other middle class sedan cars. Car is luxury but simple; this simple looking makes it even more stylish and special.

Design of Jaguar XE

XE is the most aerodynamic car among other Jaguar models. Design has important role to get this title. 0.26  Cd wind resistance value is obtained by chancing design and taking care of even the little details. With sizes it is proper to class and get the medium values among other cars.  Aluminum forming the body also creates many design details. And it is also the car that includes most aluminum in its class. Car looks sharp and sportive with many beautiful design features. XE both combined  coupe and sportive style in its body and this creates unique style.

Interior Design of Jaguar XE

Interior design is prepared according to general style of Jaguar and do not surprised.¬†Polished black finish, metals with patterns,¬†wood ¬†and carbon fiber materials give premium feeling to interior of XE. Like all of the sportive cars low seating position is available for this model. You can customize seats as your comfort with¬†electrically adjustable 14 way option and have more comfortable trip.InControl’s 8-inch Touch multimedia system on the center console. You can access the system via many online music services by this screen.

Specs of Jaguar XE

Ingenium motors are offered for new XE.  2 diesel and three petrol engines have been announced.  2.0 diesel 163 PS and 180 PS 2.0 diesel units can be preffered with 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox. Gasoline options are 2.0-liter 200 PS or 340 PS and 3.0-liter  340 PS. Gasoline engines only used with 8-speed automatic gearbox. Adaptive Cruise Control, blind spot warning system and parallel parking is some of the safety functions of Jaguar XE.

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