The Entire Ferrari Line Up Recalled For Faulty Airbags

Faulty Takata AirbagsThe Ferrari and Mercedez Benz was seen to drive cars with faulty airbags that were installed. On Wednesday, the US Senate released a report where the Ferraris entire lineup was recalled as they were said to be installed with potential faulty airbags by Takata.

The recent report by the US senate

The recent report that was released by the US Senate said that the cars that are being affected are subject to being recalled before the end of 2018.The Ferrari recall includes models like the California T, the GTC4, the 488 GTB Spider along with the F12 Berlinetta and the F12 TdF.This means that all the cars in the Ferrari line up have been recalled and would be sent back after repairs. Some of the 2016 models have also been recalled as they were said to be built with faulty Takata inflators.

What does the Mercedes include

The Mercedes Benz line of cars includes the Sprinter Van, and E class coupe and convertible cars. The dealers as well as the customers have been informed about the recall activity.Seven manufactures were also admitted to be selling cars with faulty air bags

What car owners and car buyers need to look into

If you have a car of the same model or are planning to buy a new car, ensure that you take a look at the manufacture date and the airbags and if you have already bought the same, mark your calendars for an airbag replacement as well. Try and keep your car in a dry and non humid environment and as of now people who own the Ferrari or the Mercedez need to stay tuned for more updates on their car models so that they do not end up driving cars with faulty airbags that may be the cause of accidents.

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