Ferrari about problems W model in California T

Ferrari about problems W model in California TAs reported Ferrari about problems W model in California T, the aircraft was heading to the international airport DULLES, located near Washington. Shortly after takeoff the pilot due to the resulting emergency made the decision to return in airport of departure in Rochester. At landing nobody has suffered. The type of aircraft and the number of passengers on Board, is not specified.

The North American branch of Ferrari sports cars is Recalling 185 model the California T. the Reason for the recall was the risk of fire due to incorrect connection of fuel pipes, low pressure. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the recommendation of the National Directorate of traffic safety on the roads.

The car of 2016 model

year were sold with a minimum price of $230 thousand Cars were produced in the period from September to November.

It is noted that the replacement of the necessary components will be performed by dealers free of charge.
In the Ferrari said that the problem arose from a manufacturing defect details obtained from the supplier.
One publication reported that the company Ferrari plans to recall certain models La Ferrari .While this information is not officially denied, but not confirmed.

Maintenance of this supercar to be for the reason that you need to make some changes to the tank. To be precise, that the manufacturer intends to cover it with a special insulating coating that does not allow electricity. If you do not take these measures, there is a risk of a fire in the car, because overheating may cause a fire, which cannot be allowed in the tank. A similar problem had once arisen in the past 2014.Then luxury cars Ferrari La Ferrari, one of the participants racing in Italy could not continue the competition due to the overheating of the car. So it is quite important issue, after all, a car of this class must be of good quality first and foremost it is absolutely safe for the driver. Some of the eyewitnesses reported that the smoke came from the motor.

But this is not the only case of fire models Ferrari. The representative from Maranello had to remove from production a large number of cars. It soon became clear that the cause of the fire was a defective glue that kept the rear arches. Ferrari about problems W model in California T was too weak and overheated.

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