How Has The Design Of The Jeep Evolved In The Last 75 Years

75th Anniversary of JeepThe Jeep has been one of the most stylish cars in demand by a number of people all over the world.The design has gradually evolved and progressed for the better. This week marks the 75th anniversary of a Jeep and this article would talk about how the design has evolved.

The history of the Jeep

The Jeep was discovered various years back and today it is known as Jeep wrangler that was created for the 1987 model. Jeep was previously owned by American Motors as a replacement of the long running CJ of vehicles that dated back to the 1944 as the Willys overland motor company. This is now the 75th year of remembrance to the Jeep company and people pay homage to the Jeep on its 75th anniversary.The jeep was first used by the military regimen as well as the US army generals and high officials for safety purpose.

Why is the most loved Jeep here to stay?

Some of the features of the Jeep have definitely been improvised while some of the features are here to stay. The Jeep has been one of the most favorite and sturdiest cars of the century and thus it is here to stay for a long period of time. Some of the elements that have disappeared have also come back in vogue which comprise of the wide eyed round headlights, and a fixture of the Wrangler and Renegade.

Some accessories that would never leave

Some accessories of the Jeep that are strong, powerful and aesthetically pleasing would never leave. These include the vertical-slat grille with the seven openings. Some of the accessories that have changed with time comprise of the 1999-2004 WJ Grand Cherokee. The current Cherokee comprises of a good looking squinty LED accent lighting that looks little out of place when compared with the previous lights.

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