BMW 7 vs Rolls-Royce V12 Engine

BMW 7 vs Rolls-Royce V12 EngineIn the German online Configurator for some time there is a new modification of the BMW 7-Series — M760Li. According to the index, it is about a long-wheelbase version of the sedan with modifications from the M Performance catalog and BMW 7 vs Rolls-Royce V12 engine.

Foreign sources report that the car will get most powerful engine series N74 — 6,6-liter supercharged V12 with a capacity of over 600 HP, which is still equipped only cars Rolls-Royce. This unit is an upgraded version of 540-horsepower V12 that was put on the

previous generation BMW 7-Series


In addition, the photos from the Configurator shows that the sedan will get a new aerodynamic bodykit and a different exhaust system. It is possible the emergence of several modifications of the machine, one of which will be positioned for lovers of dynamic driving and the other for connoisseurs of comfort and luxury.

Swiss company Rinspeed, known for its extravagant concept cars, has announced a new prototype called. It will show at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

The main motive in developing steel control dishwasher with minimal involvement of the driver. To quote representatives of Rinspeed, the example of the concept they wanted to find out how much human intervention can do to the car.

For a basis was taken a hybrid coupe BMW i8, which was equipped with a retractable steering wheel to free up space in front of the driver. Inside the car also placed two 21.5-inch mobile display, the position of which can be set up at the request of the person behind the wheel.

The Harman Connected Car feature works like an electronic personal assistant and provides passengers with the necessary information without distracting them from the business. The complex can be controlled using voice, gestures, touch panels or ordinary buttons.

Located outside the eight cameras provide a 180-degree view of space around the machine and warn the passengers about the approaching objects, people or animals.

Another feature of the machine is the dashboard, also located outside of, 12 thousand LEDs can function as a shield displaying any picture or inscription.

In addition BMW 7 vs Rolls-Royce V12 engine, the car provides a quadrocopter that can do “selfies”-photos of passengers. It can be used to deliver small purchases, for example, a bouquet of flowers.

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