New Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo is preparing a new generation GiuliaAlfa Romeo executives have confirmed the emergence of a new hatchback on a shortened platform of the Giulia.

Alfa Romeo has finally emerged from protracted crisis and intends to expand the range of models. According to the British AutoExpress in the next two years, brand fans can expect the release of sportsedan Giulia, SUV and new generation of hatchback New Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The history of Alfa Romeo

According to the head of the design Department of Alfa Romeo Alberto Dellilo, a new generation of Giulietta will be built on a shortened platform of the Giulia. Moreover, it is possible that the car will be rear-wheel drive. In addition, the family expected all-wheel drive version, which will be able to compete with Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

It is expected that the new Giulietta will receive not only sports, but and bonus “tunes”. The modular platform will allow the company to significantly reduce production costs and to make the model competitive in the market. It is assumed that the cost of the basic version will be about 25 to 27 thousand euros.

We immediately see that the Alfa Romeo 147 has created a romance rather than pragmatism. In the exterior of the car is very harmoniously combines elements of sporty aggressive style inherent in machines of this brand in 50 years (a powerful “beak” and “petals” of the air intakes), and modern design Alfa Romeo – narrow rear lights and elegant on the sides. And to understand why so much attention is paid to door handles – solid, cast aluminum, it will open the door.

Long hood, lean back, widely spaced wheel rests powerfully in the earth and no aggression in a slightly “narrowed” eyes-headlights. Even wonder what thoughts lie beneath this slightly sad look. What is clear is that “alpha” at any moment ready to break up.

Car looks especially interesting at night when in the dark shining only the chrome parts, as if she was hiding and peeking from ambush.

To determine what impression the appearance of the New Alfa Romeo Giulia 147 on others, it was enough, leaving her near the wording, a few minutes to observe how passers-by winding up the neck, looking at the car, stop, look in the window. The main thing is not to admit that are related to the car, and the questions torment.

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