2016 Volkswagen Polo

2016 Volkswagen Polo


We tested the 2015 model Volkswagen Polo model. New Polo fuel consumption and user reviews as well as specifications and polo pictures you can find on our website. Quietest and most do not think the model of the Volkswagen Polo car models. Although the segment is actually quite an effective tool, particularly due to a car beneath Golf, requests come from middle-aged people in general. Of course, this car is not as weak as of the deficiency with or appearance, because one would always be the most powerful tool of sergement contrary, remains in the background in Volkswagen vehicles.

2016 Volkswagen Polo model that we see in our review, certainly those who prefer Polo, right in the choices they have made over the years. Because this means driving pleasure and joy has given its users, it can be the same in every period. Of course, the technology is continually improved and this development if we thought it was the best way reflects Volkswagen’s car, we can say that the Polo is a very effective tool.

2016  Volkswagen Polo Engine

2016  Volkswagen Polo models are already available with 3 different engines. Due to no suitable tools to each user, the new Polo 1.0 75 PS or the new Polo 1.4 TSI ACT BMT 150 PS DSG for each user to model and inside the vehicle bulabilirsiniz.tab for taxation here in town and out of town because it is important in the uses of, your use Choose a car according to your area and use taxes and accordingly will be the most important. The new Polo BlueMotion models in addition to having a different point of view, together with the strengthening of combative and have a handsome car and standoffs, who want to live in style Polo and even prepared for the modified enthusiasts as a tool emerges. Engine power and vehicle fuel consumption considerably compared to the ideal high-tech engines. Polo urban fuel consumption of 6 liters was around 100 Km, while the extra-urban consumption is 100 liters oil 4 Km. 2016 Volkswagen Polo choice is yours…

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