2016 Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra 2016A number of informal messages says that Toyota will build a new Supra based on the new concept FT-1.
Last month at the auto show in Detroit, Toyota managed to disrupt a lot of applause when the Japanese automaker presented a concept sports car FT-1. Of course, could not do without the rumors that soon the new Toyota FT-1 will underpin the production model. Moreover, this model will become the new incarnation of the legendary 2016 Toyota Supra.

According to Jalopnik, citing other foreign sites, several anonymous sources from Toyota has managed to confirm both of these assumptions. Moreover, the project is already underway, and now only remains to be patient and wait for the new FT-1/Supra will be out on the road.

However, the Japanese automaker quickly dispelled these conjectures. Jalopnik Toyota announced its official position, which is that the FT-1 concept just yet and his not built any serial plans. Plain and simple. So supporters of the revival of the Supra based FT-1 we can only hope that Toyota just doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Toyota is testing the new coupe

According to the resource Еgmcartech, Toyota is conducting road tests coupe, created on the basis of the concept car Toyota FT-1. Recall that this experimental car debuted at the Detroit international auto show 2015. According to the report, the Japanese auto giant has built a new version of the concept for testing in various conditions, and also to explore the interest of potential customers.

Note that Toyota has not done such experiments. It is expected that some technical and stylistic details of the Toyota FT-1 will underpin the long-awaited coupe Supra. In addition, it is reported that this red concept will soon appear in a car simulation game Gran Turismo 6.

As horses of some models of the automotive world simply can not accept. A little Toyota Supra is one of those. Rumors about the revival of the models appear with an enviable regularity, and the last of them here: the new left 2016 Toyota Supra will debut early next year at the Detroit motor show 2015.

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