2016 Suzuki Baleno

BalenoJapanese brand Suzuki is extremely ambivalent image. Fans of two-wheel vehicles know as the wizard of creating a stylish motorbike for different tastes – from rapid road “shells” to slow the choppers a La Harley-Davidson. In automotive circles the Suzuki is known mainly for SUV’s and sedan cars. The 2016 Suzuki Baleno sedan, the top model range of Suzuki cars, has a total length 4225 mm, and the wagon, the test which we conducted, 4375 mm. in other words, this machine is on the European classification refers to the C-class, or, as it is called, Golf-class.
The Baleno looks good. Beautifully made and original glazing. Door glass outlined with chrome edging, front panel, rocker, outer curved, which gives the appearance of the wagon agility, which will be envied by another sedan. Rear side Windows and tailgate glass are combined in a single unit, the solid line encircles the rear of the car. It is appropriate here to look and the spoiler on the tailgate. Thanks to him, even in bad weather, the wiper remains unclaimed, the glass is a little soiled. We were convinced of it on own experience, but throughout the test it was drizzling.

The front part was changed during the facelift in the autumn of 1998. After updating Baleno began to resemble the latest generation of the Subaru Legacy, particularly the high headlamps.

Fourwheel drive a strong trump card

Contrary to the usual order in this time we after inspection of the appearance began to study the suspension system and all-wheel drive.

Baleno is fitted with a fully independent suspension McPherson-type, mounted on a stretcher. Suspension of the “swinging candle” efficient and has long proved its practicality, moreover, it is inexpensive to maintain.
The drive is the highlight of the 2016 Suzuki Baleno Wagon 4WD. Design of transmission for Suzuki developed jointly with the concern Fuji Heavy Industry, maker and owner of the famous “four wheel drive” Subaru brand.

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