2016 Skoda Octavia

2016 Skoda Octavia2016 Skoda Octavia the new Octavia’s interior width of the new design, functionality, an ambitious choice of engines with low fuel consumption, as well as safety and comfort equipment. Octavia not only design, redesigned to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations. Elegant design and impressive at first sight.
Horizontal lines on the front of the vehicle and the position of the new Skoda logo provided more stylish and powerful appearance. When the new Octavia, side view is dominated by remarkable dynamism to the car’s design. Bunda shortening the wheelbase of the nose and lengthening effect is large.

Starting right back lines of the headlamps are on. Sharp lines used in the rear doors. This powerful image reinforce the Octavia has added a different character. 4659 mm long, 1814 mm wide and 1461 mm high with the new Octavia has become longer and a large car compared to the previous generation. Second generation 90 mm long and 45 mm wider that the like newly Octavia interior in width but may be found in the upper model. In case of 568 liters of luggage space with the best of the class again. Simple but legible indicators used. In the middle section a familiar screen available information from the Volkswagen family. Many details can be seen here until the oil temperature.  With comfort-oriented suspension Octavia though safety equipment in the vehicle skidding when cornering or more sleep since you do not live. Another innovation in the vehicle, automatic parking assistant. Automatically ensures the easy parking and leaving the parking lot. Skoda is the first in a multiple collision and automatically brakes to be used in other models in the future is hampered by the possibility of a new collision brake if the vehicle continues to move in case of an accident.

Fuel consumption

1.6-liter diesel engine 7-speed DSG gearbox transmits the power. This engine delivers 105 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. This allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 10.9 seconds. Maximum speed is 194 km per hour. Which has a structure very economical 4.6 liters of diesel units within the city, outside the city, with 3.5 liter and 3.9 liter consumption in mixed consumption. The vehicle start / stop system is also available 2016 Skoda Octavia.

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