2016 Skoda 7-Seater SUV

improved range of enginesIn 2009, the 2016 Skoda 7-Seater SUV was the debut of the Czech brand in the SUV segment. Model immediately gained popularity in its class. In 2013 was presented the updated Yeti, for the first time available in two versions – for the city and offroad. Both versions are distinguished by expressive design, original interior, attractive solutions in the spirit of “Simply Clever”, the highest functionality and an improved range of engines and gearboxes.

Crossover off-road performance

Both versions of the Yeti is available with front and all-wheel drive. Modern all-wheel drive system perfectly shows off-road, perfectly complementing the traditional benefits of a crossover off-road performance. In 2014, the line has expanded Yeti sports Yeti Monte Carlo special model.

“Since the appearance of the Yeti is always in demand from customers in Europe and around the world, says Mikael Oeljeklaus, member of the Board of Directors of Skoda Auto responsible for production and logistics. This success we are greatly indebted to the team of the plant. Thanks to their technical talents, rich experience and dedication this area has become world famous. In the next few years the production capacity of the plant will increase substantially, and the production of SUV will play a very important role”.

In addition to the factory in Kvasiny, the Yeti off the Assembly line production sites in China and Russia. In China at the Volkswagen plant in Shanghai has produced a version of the model with extended wheelbase specially for the customers of China. In Russia the production crossover is carried out in cooperation with the automaker “GAZ Group” at the plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

The plant in Kvasiny is one of three production sites of the brand in the Czech Republic. In addition to Yeti there are going to the Superb model and Superb Combi. In 2014 the factory in Kvasiny fell 166 200 2016 Skoda 7-Seater SUV cars. Today the company has about 4,500 employees, making it one of the largest employers of the industrial sector in the region of Hradec Kralove. The factory was founded 81 years ago and has been producing cars since 1947.

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