2016 Seat Ibiza

2016 Seat Ibiza DesignLegendary Ibiza will come with new 2016 Seat Ibiza. Face lifted version of car is introduced in Barcelona Motor Show. Ibiza determines the new style elements of next Seat cars. Car looks extremely stylish and really modern. Except this new design car comes with new engine and latest technologies.

Design of 2016 Seat Ibiza

LED daytime running lights, new wheels and body-color option makes 2016 Ibiza modern, young and energetic. Color options are brown, purple, gray, white, blue and red. The dual color wheel options is increasing emphasis on the sporting style of 2016 Ibiza.

Interior Design of 2016 Seat Ibiza

Renovated interior increases the feeling of qulity. New Ibiza has multimedia and information systems. Internet access is available for 2016 Ibiza like the other Seat cars. 2nd generation Easy Connect system has MediaSystem plus and Navi System. System connects smart devices via USB and Bluetooth. Interface is CarPlay for iOS operating phones and Android Auto for Android interface devices. Predominantly black interior is illuminated with new customization options. Rear passenger seat is not so big and proper for 2 passengers. The design of indicators look like sport cars.

Specs of 2016 Seat Ibiza

Car has  electric steering and driving characteristics change with Drive Profile system. Drive Profile has comfort and sport settings; change both steering feel and driving style.New steering wheel has secondary color for lower part. All engines are proper for  Euro 6 carbon dioxide emissions restrictions. The 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine producing 75 PS power. TSI turbocharged version has 2 options like 95 and 110 PS power. With ACT system  car consumes 4.8 l per 100 km. ACT shut down cylinder for low-performances to save fuel. The diesel options include 75, 90 and 105 hp with the 1.4 TDI engine. Driver fatigue detection is new safety equipment that checking the status of the driver and applies brake after the crash in order to prevent secondary accidents. Safety options of 2016 Seat Ibiza are improved.

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