2016 Opel Corsa OPC

2016 Opel Corsa OPC Design2016 Opel Corsa OPC
is the new car of Opel. It draws attention with four meters length, 1.6-liter 207 horsepower engine that produces 245 Nm torque. 2016 Corsa reaches maximum 230 km / h speed and remarkable with new exterior design. 2016 Opel Corsa completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in  6.8 seconds. Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann tests this new car at the Opel Test Center in Dudenhofen.

Turbo Engine of 2016 Opel Corsa OPC

1.6-liter 152 kW / 207 hp turbo petrol engine produces 245 Nm of torque.   1.6 liter engine  can produce additional 35 Nm torque by over boost function between 1900 and 5800 rev / min. It transfer this power to road via a 6-speed manual transmission. Corsa OPC reaches 230 km/h maximum speed and go from 0 to 100 km is 6.8 seconds.  This performance provides 7.5 l / 100 km fuel consumption and 174g / km CO2 emissions.

New Design of 2016 Opel Corsa OPC

2016 Opel Corsa is striking with new blue color.  This new color is combined by new front design with large air intakes. Aluminum frames are located  at the bottom of the headlights. This look is similar with Astra OPC. But this car is more sportive because of on the front of bonnet. Moldings are extended through back and that makes car more dynamic. Recaro performance leather seats make interior design sportive and make it looks like an interior of sport car. Leather steering wheel, OPC gear shift knob, IntelliLink infotainment system are supporting sportive characteristics of 2016 Corsa OPC.

OPC Chassis Technology

Opel engineers develop Frequency Selective Suspension (FSD) technology for transfer power to road in most efficient way. The second suspension that moves parallel and improved oil flow provides power. Frequency Selective Suspension acts a hydraulic amplifier that delays the formation of pressure. 2016 Opel Corsa provides grip 10 millimeters closer to road surface than other Opel models. The chassis has been calibrated according to the driver who likes to push the car performance. Braking system of 2016 Opel Corsa OPC has 308 mm brake discs.

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