2016 Mercedes E-Class

E-ClassOn opening in Detroit on January 11, the motor show NAIAS-2016 Daimler is presenting the new generation of 2016 Mercedes E-Class.

January 29, 1886 Karl Benz received the “Imperial patent office” in Berlin is the most important document in the history of the industrial era – a patent for “a motorized cart driven by a petrol engine”. This patent was the basis for all further developments in the world automotive industry. 130 years later, on January 11, 2016 Mercedes-Benz in Detroit will present the new E-Class is a car that is able to make another revolution in the global automotive industry.

Just two examples: innovative rechargeable hybrid powertrain, coupled with lightweight construction and perfect aerodynamics, setting new standards of efficiency. A new adaptive air suspension offered as an option, aims to provide a high level of comfort. For the first time for the E-Class offers such a wide range of options, including active assistance to rebuild, which automatically sends the sedan to the driver’s preferred lane.

But the main innovation of the E-Class was a system of semi-automatic control which from the “autopilot” one step away. The driver of the new E-Class simply select using steering wheel movement direction, and the rest of the onboard computer takes over. Electronics and controls the position of the rows movement, supports the speed limit and reacts to movement around the car.

Technical details about the range of powertrains

Technical details about the range of powertrains and trim levels will become available on Monday, January 11, during the presentation at the auto show in Detroit.

Not for the first month in the Internet I walk spy photos Mercedes-Benz E-Class next generation with the body designation W213. However, all of those photos the car was pretty draped, making it difficult to recognize accurately the appearance of the place. The first step to the revelation of the mystery made itself Mercedes-Benz – the truth, only the image of the interior of the future premiere. And last, no doubt, was revolutionary for this model. And that’s when there was only a month before the world premiere of the car in the leaked photos and even video of the latest 2016 Mercedes E-Class, practically devoid of camouflage. Only head and rear optics of the machine are closed. However, it is clear that the car will be very similar to his younger brother model C-Class.

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