2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45

2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45 Desig2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45
combines sporty driving experience with dynamic and attractive design.

New Features of 2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45

Mercedes-AMG engineers optimize this new car to carry the pleasure of driving to the next level. You can see that from 280 kW (381 hp) engine power and 475 Nm of maximum torque. This values make it most powerful compact sports model of the world. The revised gear ratios, aerodynamic balance and Dynamic Select driving mode are the striking features of car. Renewed model completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.2 seconds. Car is equipped with maximum grip in sharp bends, standard four-wheel drive and the differential optional front axle. Driving modes are Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual.

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-Speed Sports Transmission Feature

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission has important role on dynamic character and sportive character. This makes transition between gears shorter than normal. It provides more dynamic acceleration in all conditions. New technology offers softer transition to reach upper gears. Due to optimized response time and transition closer distribution ratio  and smoother transition is obtained. This values add new quality character to compact car class.

AMG Performance 4MATIC Driving Pleasure

AMG Performance 4MATIC four-wheel drive system combines the best traction possible superior driving pleasure. This is the combination of all superior features. Car offers dynamic torque distribution to adapt different road conditions. This range of four-wheel drive to front and rear axles extends the distribution ratio of 50:50. This variety is suitable for the compact car class driving situation to offer dynamism and efficiency. Good performance is based on these characteristics. AMG Dynamic Plus is optional package that comes with 2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45. So you can prefer AMG RIDE CONTROL  sports suspension that has  adaptive smoothing control. And Race mode which is the fifth mode of DYNAMIC SELECT can be used with this additional package of 2016 Mercedes-AMG 4MATIC 45.

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