2016 Mclaren 540C

Sport SeriesThe new supercar 2016 Mclaren 540C Coure will complement a brand new series of Sport Series that already has debuted earlier model 570S.

New McLaren 540C Coure inherited from his brother 570S unique carbon chassis MonoCell II. Together with external panels made of aluminum that gave considerable weight savings – the curb weight of the machine is only 1311 kg, about 150 kg less than the competition.

The layout of the car mid-engined. Our database is the 3.8-liter “eight” twin-turbo. It is noteworthy that the power and maximum torque have the same denominator: 540 BHP at 7500 rpm and 540 Nm at 3500 – 6500 rpm paired it with a 7-speed robotic gearbox DSG. The drive to the rear wheels.

From zero to hundreds of car accelerates in 3.5 s, and the first 200 km/h with gaining places at 10,5 C. the Maximum speed is 320 km/h. it is Noteworthy that McLaren 540C Coure equipped with start-stop system that helps reduce fuel consumption to 9.4 l per 100 km. the Price of luxury starter with 190 thousand dollars.

Supercars new family will be assembled in the production center McLaren Production Centre (MPC) in Woking. The first car in this line will be the coupe 570S, it is followed 540C, and for 2016 are expected and other body performance. First McLaren 570S had already been put on to study demand, one of the dealers in the UK. And the result exceeded all expectations: the car is already lined up to almost a thousand people from around the world.

The latest models McLaren

The latest models McLaren are the third family in the new production program, which now consist of cars of the Ultimate Series, Super Series and Sports Series. “Sport” lineup finally will be created by 2018 and will allow the company to double sales – up to 4000 cars a year. Already known and pictures. So, prices for the model start from 540С 126 thousand pounds, and the machine 570S – from 143 thousand pounds.

Jolyon Nash, Executive Director, McLaren: “Sport series is designed for new customers and opens up the market for a McLaren sports cars, which we weren’t presented until the present time. The buyer models of Sports Series will still appreciate the reference machine operation and experience of driving pleasure, quality, characteristic for all 2016 Mclaren 540C models. However, he will also get the ease of use and practicality that differentiates the new model t is already available”.

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