2016 Lexus GS F

Lexus GSGood news for those who are going to buy a mid-size sedan of premium-class with a slightly punkish character. The German division of the Audi A6, BMW 5 and Mercedes E-class in spring 2012 will join the Japanese-American fighter Lexus GS fourth generation. Now it’s not only ultra-reliable and megacompany land “the ship”, which was its predecessor. The new GS is an uncompromising athlete in an expensive smart casual suit. If the Ukrainian importer will guess the price, the chances to beat German rivals that of 2016 Lexus GS F is extremely high.
All last week leading Ukrainian automotive journalists media enjoyed the warm California weather. The working uniform were t-shirts and sneakers, and a jacket handy just in, where we traditionally (in the worst sense of the word) instead of a civilized warm “sleeves” met the bus.

Auto show 2016

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Dana Point. Lexus for a test drive of the new GS have chosen this Paradise from Hollywood movies is not accidental. American land is the birthplace of the brand created by the Japanese. It sells the vast amount produced in the world of Lexus. And yet, November 18, here begun, though a local but quite powerful LA Auto show 2016, Lexus where we were kindly invited. A special thank you, but three will write “Autocentre” and “Motor News” and will show the First automotive channel. While I will share the first impression about GS.

Twenty years of unique engineering solutions and unsurpassed quality has built the Lexus on a pedestal “luxury” of automakers. Yet to the luxury division of Toyota for all these years was the claim: the cars they are made comfortable, soft and relaxed, but without the sports gene. The Japanese reacted to it, only to find marketing reports, the ageing of its customers. And decided to rejuvenate the task force (in any normal magazine litreature wouldn’t miss). The first sign of the new paradigm became 2016 Lexus GS F fourth generation.

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