2016 Infiniti QX30

2016 Infiniti QX30Almost simultaneously at auto show Los Angeles and Guangzhou, the company Infiniti presents its compact crossover 2016 Infiniti QX30.

Despite the fact that the US have conceded the palm of victory in global sales of new cars of China, both markets are key for most brands. So the debut of the new compact crossover Infiniti QX30 is held simultaneously in Los Angeles and Guangzhou.

The car was created by analogy with a couple of “twins” from Mercedes-Benz models A-class and GLA-class. Actually this is not surprising, as the Infiniti Q30 and QX30 relative inherited from Stuttgart’s “kids” all aggregate base: motors, transmissions, landing gears. However, the company Infiniti promises that the car will be different with your own settings? as the saying goes, we’ll see.

Externally, the QX30 is different from the base of Q30 hatchback in a more aggressive body kit and increased by 15 mm ground clearance. Gamma of engines and power trains will continue from Q30 – petrol engines 1.6 i (122 HP) and 2.0 Q30 i (211 HP) and diesel 1.5 d (109 HP) and 2.2 d (170 HP). For new items will be available both mechanical and robotized gear boxes, as well as two variants of a drive – forward and complete.

The Infiniti QX30 will be on sale in mid-2016

The company intend to expand the Infiniti range of luxury SUV brands due to the new compact models, the prototype of which is under the name QX30 will be presented in Geneva.

The second time to enter the same river was decided in the company Infiniti. In fact, the first attempt refers to the exhibition in the Now. Then, in September 2013, the luxury brand’s stand was decorated with stylish and elegant concept called the Q30. After a year and a half visitors Geniculo auto show expects its “off-road” incarnation, called the QX30 in accordance with modern indexing models of the brand. The car continues the development of the corporate design of the brand, characterized by flowing lines, silhouette and original form of lighting.

On the creation of a compact crossover in the company told me two years ago. Then it was reported that the novelty will be built on the MFA platform, developed jointly with Mercedes-Benz. This chassis got the Mercedes A-Class, CLA and GLA. In addition to the platform, the Infiniti QX30 will get a German motors including 2-litre petrol and 2.1-litre diesel turbo engine.

2016 Infiniti QX30 production will start this year in the UK plant of Nissan in Sunderland. There will be a hatchback-class Golf Q30.

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