2016 Honda Civic Concept

Detroit auto showTwo concepts allow us to guess what will look like the American version of the world model.
The appearance at the motor show in Detroit two concepts Civic Si and 2016 Honda Civic Concept from Honda for many were quite unexpected. The Japanese rush to present the ninth generation of its best-selling, which will hit the market already this spring.

This time, designers “were ordered” not to risk it. Painted a very concise way in which discern elements of a “hot” Type-R, from any angle instantly identifies it as a Civic. Pay attention to 19-inch wheels in both the car and the exhaust pipe at the center of the rear diffuser in the compartment. At the Detroit auto show, the audience saw the American version of the sedan and coupe, while the European debut of the car, including versions with hatchback, is expected at the Geneva motor show.

Hybrid IMA powerplant

Technical details the Japanese have not yet disclosed, hinting only at the widest in the class palette of powertrains. Experts expect to see the familiar current models modern motors with updated technology control valve i-VTEC, as well as hybrid IMA powerplant and engines running on compressed gas. Apparently, the novelty will inherit and the rest of the stuffing of the previous generation Civic, which has been very successful in the market, reaching over four years, more than 1.5 million sales.

Presenting to the world a year ago, a phenomenal hatchback 2016 Honda Civic Concept (by the way, just recently this car has received the prestigious design award Red Dot: Best of the Best), Honda designers realized that their plan succeeded. The success of the model was obvious, and the number of pre-orders for it exceeded all expectations. Had to strike a smitten consumers “blow of mercy” to add a line of the Civic three-door hatchback and its “charged” version. And it is here that marketers and designers of the Honda were not too bother by combining these two ideas into one concept car, which was brought to the Geneva motor show just over a month ago.

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