2016 Ford Mustang

2016 Ford Mustang2016 Ford Mustang many men are in love with the car. This car is based on love for many years. Most men dream of what they see from the car is connected to the car. The Ford Mustang is a car that many men have dreamed. This car is not that like you do not even dreamed of. Ford Mustang models in 2016, the company is renewing those dreams get and will grow once again igniting the passion of the car after seeing a lot more of this car man. Ford Mustang as an American legend in Turkey are very much in demand. Ford Motor Company is going to welcome this demand of the American myth, and it continues to improve day by day. Ford Mustang when possible, and lo renew each term market retains its elegance and a perfect car comes out combined with Ford’s advanced technology. Ford Mustang engine power as needed to the design as well as giving fans what they want in the 2016 Mustang.

Mustang Engine

Ford Mustang 2.3 and 5.0 engine offers options for their customers. Exactly the 317 engine power 2.3 engine and has a torque of 432 like. While the other models have 5.0 engine speed from 0 to 100 km with a maximum speed of 287 km per hour in 4.3 seconds tool people reach. Taking into account the power provided by the state, we can estimate that 5.0 engine able to use a bit more fuel in the fuel. If the vehicle out of town-consuming 21.8 liters of fuel per 100 km within the city consumes 16.8 liters of fuel per 100 km. In both models are unchanged this figure is 382 liters of luggage volume. With respect to the hardware easily it shows that it has every feature you want your Ford Mustang. Car 8-inch touchscreen with a color display, an incredibly high quality sound system, leather upholstery at high levels, impressive front panel, steering wheel mounted systems, air conditioning adjusts the climate control electronically and has many nice features. Ford Mustang, which is fine with very high braking power on security 2016 Ford Mustang

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