2016 Ford Kuga

2016 Ford Kuga2016 Ford Kuga from driving and comfort, equipped with intelligent technology to all aspects of performance and security. Elegant outside the vehicle, fluent and spacious lines continues inside the vehicle. Kuga, with features that allow users ease quite everyday use. New Kuga emergency aid, to help stay in the lane, urban security system and active safety technologies such as drive with care tracking system. Offering new models with 1.6-liter EcoBoost petrol engine in the customer’s appreciation of Kuga also have 2-liter diesel engine Options from. 1.6-liter petrol engines producing 150 hp and 180 hp are two options. Tool flat gearbox 150 hp version, while the 180 hp version able to get automatic gearbox. When you take into account the consumption values ​​also seem a little high all the features that you see these consumption levels remained normal. When we look at the new Ford family in the vehicle into the car you can see the many common features. One of the most beautiful side of the vehicle technology. You put the left button activates the signal from the lane assistant on the steering wheel button on the right to remain in the car you’re saving by making slight adjustments strip. If we look at the seat side bolsters of the driver’s seat looks pretty good grip.

Kuga fuel consumption

Km quads how you’re doing by choosing options from the trip computer, your average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and your fuel remaining few kilometers to see more go to one screen as possible. Kuga is based on the first-generation Kuga 8 cm long and more living space than the previous generation and offers a more imposing appearance. 406 liters of luggage space with 46 liters broader offering and providing ease of use thanks to the new Kuga rear seats can be folded in one motion, increases the comfort of the ride quieter interior cabin of up to 17% 2016 Ford Kuga.

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