2016 Ford Focus

2016 Ford FocusDiesel automatic combination is quite popular with our country. The VW’s overwhelming superiority in this regard compared to other brands. But now other brands also skip this point and began to introduce new models with diesel automatic combination. Ford made the first move with the popular Focus model. Although belated, though we have to look at the sales figures and brand image that I think makes the best sales. Known model with the same hardware but recently we tested recently with the old diesel engine and manual gearbox. Please click on the link below to our test fonts. First, let’s start the engine. This 1.5-liter engine in volume 3600 Ford began using D / 120 hp and 1750 / min at 300 nm of torque. In addition, the value of our vehicle reached 0-100 in 10.9 seconds full speed 193 km / h. As can be seen from the successful performance data. This value is easily conveys the road. Focus is very comfortable in this new engine carries 1300 kg. It allowed Serial use. In fact I like most about my engine was quiet operation. If petrol with the effects of isolation and diesel vehicles such as the Focus. Talking about Ford’s double-clutch transmission that we know from the gasoline engine uses a 6-speed powershift transmission for many years.

Ford focus engine

The engine is quite compatible with the work. Transmission using the overall 1500-2000 rpm range. The transition quite smooth and clear. A nice addition to experience in any indecision. Let’s talk about the most curious aspects of the fuel consumption. When we take delivery of the vehicle at all, and not reset the average consumption was used for the driving test. The average consumption of 10.4 showed. When we started testing tool we use mostly outside the city. I frankly do not care much for consumption. But I must say that I expected a low consumption exhibits. The car’s 4.7-liter mill local data, while the 3.9 liter outside the city. The average consumption of 4.2 liters. 5.5 liter consumption during our test car were achieved in the 85 km long. Although the average consumption of factory data capture imagination though consumption is satisfied. The fuel consumption şanzımann big role.

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