2016 Fiat Egea

2016 Fiat Egea2016 Fiat Egea offers to its customers with its new form the desired design. 2016 Fiat Egea’s slogan “memorization disrupts sedan” will be. In 2016 the new car is a Fiat car segment Egea. For now, lo how the market as a sedan with the 2016 Fiat Egea days hatchback and wagon shall be laid before the eyes şekli ile staion. 2016 Fiat Egea name is the name of the Aegean Sea in English. However, this will ensure that the trade in the European market with a different name. Fiat Egea will be sold in many countries. This tool has worked in the construction of almost 2 thousand engineers and vehicle development took more than 3 years. This shows how attentive the 2016 Fiat Egea a car. 2016 Fiat Egea’s trim levels will be easy but other than that, the urban and the lounge will be located in levels Fiat Egea. 2016 Fiat Egea three different engines and three trim levels.
New Fiat Egea, the most senior hardware package in the lounge 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome luggage and glass under the bar, electrochromic interior rearview mirror, lights rain sensor, electric lumbar support, adjustable drivers seat, rear armrest, navigation and rear view camera

Fiat Egea And Security

A lot of work was done in 2016 with regard to safety Fiat Egea. Fiat Egea security systems contained in the previous car has been developed and is attached to the new Egea. Thus, Fiat Egea be used as a family car. 2016 Fiat Egea Easy hardware option if the safety systems ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP, tire pressure monitoring system, hill start assist system, side airbags, curtain airbags, anti-fire system, daytime running lights are shaped illuminated front fog lights . Fiat Egea
gives a better driving pleasure to customers as such. All customers of course want to make the journey safely. For this reason, you should choose the new 2016 Fiat Egea will be a very good option for you. In addition, for customers who love driving comfort it is very important. Fiat engineers for customers as it showed too much attention to the new 2016 Fiat Egea.

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