2016 Fiat 500x Abarth

2016 Fiat 500x AbarthIn the original 2016 Fiat 500x Abarth tuning Department are working to create their own version of the crossover Fiat 500X, which is expected in 2017.

In Abarth confirmed the information that the specialists are working on its own version of a compact crossover based on the Fiat 500X. It is expected that the novelty will receive a 1.4-liter 170-horsepower gasoline engine MultiAir II four-wheel drive transmission.

In standard Abarth 500X will be equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox but as an option will offer a 6-speed robotic transmission with two clutches. The novelty will differ from the families of the more aggressive aerodynamic body kit, powerful brakes, sports suspension settings and retuned exhaust system. Inside, there will be features with the Abarth logos, perforated pedals and leather trim. In addition to the crossover Abarth also produce branded version of the new Fiat Roadster 124.

One hundred years since the birth of Karl Abarth the company Fiat decided to celebrate the release of a limited batch of “jubilee” hatchback Fiat 500 Abarth “DA 0 A 100”, which translated from Italian – “from zero to a hundred”. Version will get a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine capacity of 160 HP (230 Nm) and sport automatic gearbox.

To “hundred” car can accelerate in 7.3 seconds, and its maximum speed of 211 km/h. other improvements can be noted a powerful sports brakes, lowered suspension, air filter zero resistance and 17-inch wheels with tires Pirelli dimension 205/40. In addition, all the “anniversary” cars will be painted in grey color and will receive an exclusive body kit. Just vatovci intend to collect 101 examples, each of which will receive a plaque with its serial number. Date of occurrence of novelties on sale and its price is not yet disclosed.

Specially for the edition of ESPN

The Magazine’s Body Issue Fiat have produced a very original advertising 500 Abarth Cabrio.
The picture you see above is not a photo of the pattern decorating the truck wandering at an amusement Park. And not even a regular trick of the all-powerful Photoshop. Here is a new commercial of Fiat 500 Cabrio Abarth called the Body Paint, and Yes – it is absolutely genuine and its creation require the services of more than a dozen Actresses, models and acrobats.

Advertising was prepared for a specialized edition of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, dedicated to the beauty of nudity. Participants painted so that they match specific parts of the car, and then built (or laid) them to form a living sculpture 2016 Fiat 500x Abarth.

“We wanted to create for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue something as unique as the Fiat 500 Cabrio Abarth,” says the head of Fiat Brand North America Jason Stojcevic (Jason Stoicevich). Well, the authors of advertising is really a success, although the colors could be brighter.

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