2016 Dacia Duster

2016 Dacia Duster2016 Dacia Duster you take it easy, you have to give way to the Dacia with the slogan, offering a more accessible option with Duster. DCI has proven its robustness it hosts over 1.5 Dust gathers the attention with engine 4 * 4 option is a good alternative to the high place with a large internal volume and structure.

I hope that the answer will be a little bit today, the price of zero km vehicles that question in your mind the very high long-term users of our tests including examination of marks in that period. Our test vehicle speed of 100.000 km and 2011 model years. The entry level models ambiance in addition to the roof bars, alloy wheels, air conditioning, and there were passenger airbag option.External appearance, aluminum alloy wheels and gives the appearance of an SUV with the stylish roof bars, the design is relatively expensive but the cost of the muscular structure stands. Facelifted version does not contain major changes to the exterior design, just reworked grille and taillights case. Especially our test car, which seems more imposing black color. The large tailgate with low loading sill of the trunk, some of it very nostalgic opening. In addition, a radio antenna in the front and long, we have failed to dislodge.

Dacia Duster Interior Design

The interior design is simple and low-key, reduces the perceived quality of rigid quality plastics used. However, considering the price is acceptable. Most of said glass from the ergonomic remote control Renault 9 Broadway opening as the center console. Duster’da this problem solved makeup and glass doors open arms control has moved to the state. The facelifted version contains radical changes in the interior, especially as an option that can be used for navigation but still nice all rigid plastic materials. It offers ample head and leg from the front and rear. With the tallest structure in place it’s nice to see the high out. Cabinet interior insulation is the means by which much of the extreme poor road and engine noise, unfortunately. In addition, because of the materials used in the interior consists of annoying the user is able to trim audio, you can produce yourself of solutions for it 2016 Dacia Duster.

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