2016 BMW 5 Series

2016 BMW 5 SeriesCelebrated the 50th anniversary of the company Alpina again pleases its fans. This time the company has prepared a sedan and wagon based on the 2016 BMW 5 Series.

Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo has at its disposal 8-cylinder engine capacity of 4.4 liters with two turbines. The power plant increased to 600 horsepower (+40 HP) and maximum torque reaches 800 Nm. In a modernized motor used new pistons and intake manifold, and more efficient system cooling. With such engine the sedan is required for acceleration to first hundred in just 4.2 seconds, while the wagon is 0.1 seconds more. The maximum speed of a novelty – 328 km/h. While fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 9.5 and 9.6 l/100 km.

In the Arsenal of new items – retuned sports suspension with adaptive dampers, active stabilizer and limited slip differential on the rear axle. For a surcharge, exhaust system Akrapovic, which is easier than the standard 17 kg, and sport brakes. To trim used leather and lacquered Merino decorative inserts.

The price of a sedan Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo in Germany inclusive of local taxes starts with a mark 108600 euros, and for the wagon are asked not less 111900 EUR.

The company BMW has been actively working on the creation of cars on hydrogen fuel elements. Several prototypes based on the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo were presented during the event, BMW Innovation Days 2015.

The BMW group began research into the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source for more than 30 years ago. In 1984 the company introduced an experimental BMW 745i engine running on hydrogen. Since then, the company has repeatedly demonstrated an original design using hydrogen, including established in 2006 small-scale production of BMW Hydrogen 7 sedan. In addition, in 1997 the BMW company started research in the field of hydrogen fuel cells (fuel cell).

In 2010 he was tested an experimental prototype based on the hatchback 1-series with hybrid electric drive. Power for the motor was received from hydrogen fuel cells. In 2012 saw the light of the prototype BMW i8 coupe FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle).

BMW has created a sports car on hydrogen

The site “Miramas” in the suburbs of Marseille this year was held the traditional event BMW Innovation Days dedicated to new technologies of the Bavarian concern. In the framework of this event were presented the test samples of the 2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, equipped power plant on hydrogen fuel elements. The two cars differed in that one hydrogen is pumped into the tank under pressure of 350 bar and the other under a pressure of 700 bar and has an extra cooling system hydrogen.

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