2015 Volvo XC90

2015 Volvo XC90 Design 2015 Volvo XC90
is capturing the design of future, and improved with new technologies. This new car is produced after 3 years of study by using¬†Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) technology. It is a¬†full-size SUV car!¬†The new platform provides better weight distribution, place for electric batteries and¬†offers more volume thanks to high-strength steels. Volvo’s new SUV has 7 people capacity. Car is visually impressive,¬†the leader in its class in terms of safety,¬†has claimed to be powerful and efficient.

2015 Volvo XC90’s New Design

2015 Volvo XC90 shows the company more striking new logo in best way. Logo is placed on the new designed grille.¬†The new logo ¬†¬†represents a distinguished and self-confident face with¬†T-shaped day time running lights.¬†Volvo XC90 has¬†a large hood with new¬†¬†topography . Other striking factors are¬†waist line and sharp shoulder parts. It is like the signature of car. To achieve an improved look Volvo uses 22-inches wheels. They give a muscular look to car’s design.

Interior design of XC90 is the most luxurious design of brand. The most striking feature of this cabin is completely new console with a touch screen control system like a tablet. This system does not contain any buttons and offers a completely new way to control the car.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

2015 Volvo XC90 offers 2 liters 4 Drive-E engine options. Each of them has an excellent combination of performance and fuel efficiency. Volvo XC90 combines  4-cylinder supercharged, turbocharged gasoline  internal combustion engine and electric engine due to new Twin engine technology. This combination produces 400 horsepower and approximately 60 g / km carbon dioxide emissions. Car has  D5 diesel twin-turbo engine in European market. Diesel engine comes with 225 hp power and 470 Nm of torque. This engine needs 6 liters of fuel per 100 km.

2015 Volvo XC90’s Safety Features

Volvo XC90 offers the most comprehensive and technologically standard safety package. Each Package includes two safety technologies that are first in the world. Volvo XC90 is the first car has automatic braking feature when it suddenly confronted with another car. You can find photos of 2015 Volvo XC90 in gallery.

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