2015 Nissan Gripz Concept

2015 Nissan Gripz Concept2015 Nissan Gripz Concept is a  compact crossover size car and keep its sports car silhouette. This new car is designed by European and Japanese designers. 2015 Gripz combines compact crossover capabilities, excitement and performance of a sports car together. Nissan Gripz Concept  is developed as two way car. Car meets daily transportation needs and offers a real adventure at the weekends. Gripz Concept represents   crossover,four-wheel-drive cars and sports cars experiment of Nissan.

Technical Specs of 2015 Nissan Gripz Concept

Nissan Gripz Concept is equipped with hybrid system that is based on¬†Drive e-Power electric vehicle technology.¬†An efficient internal combustion engine is used to¬†power the electric engine.¬†Power unit combines¬†Nissan’s electric vehicles experience and¬†different technologies. As a result of this;¬†smooth, soft and almost silent acceleration and¬†a first-class efficiency is offered to drivers.

Design of 2015 Nissan Gripz Concept

Gripz Concept does not replace an existing model, with Nissan’s new design language called as¬†¬†“emotional geometry” ¬†car reflects totally new design. Emotional geometry is based on contrast of¬†dynamic, taut and angular surfaces. It is developed¬†Nissan Design Europe and Global Design Center in Japan. This new concept has similar features like¬†Nissan Sway concept. These are¬†V-motion front grille, boomerang-shaped front and rear lighting elements, and curved C pillar.

Versatility of 2015 Nissan Gripz Concept

Front doors of¬†this four door concept are opening as wing shaped by sliding through¬†outwards. Small rear doors are opened through opposite direction. Opening is easier because there is no B¬†pillar. Facing cameras are¬†embedded in headlights and these cameras record every¬†journey. This is the same technology like the¬†cyclist’s helmet camera. Due to live feed feature it¬†can be broadcast live; driver can share driving situation¬†simultaneously by trip computer, tablet or smart phone. Bumerang shaped daylight headlights are located over¬†main lighting element.¬†Three-spoke 22-inch wheels of¬†2015 Nissan Gripz Concept¬†are inspired from¬†racing bikes.

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