2015 Honda NSX

2015 Honda NSX Performance2015 Honda NSX is the second generation of Honda’s super sport cars. NSX comes with hybrid technology that offers efficiency with high performance. First generation of NSX was produced in 1990; so car comes back after a long period. Second generation NSX is produced in Ohio. 3 years studies are done to improve performance of car.

Design of 2015 Honda NSX

Like all the sport cars is low and wide. Nose design attracts all the attention with aggressive and sharp style. Large air intake star from in front of rear wheels and extend up to C-pillar.  Not only are the side air intakes, all the details of exterior design are designed for transfer air to engine.

Aluminum alloy chassis made from high-strength steel. This material is detailed with carbon fiber floor, aluminum alloy composite body. Usage of these materials provides lightweight structure.

Interior Design of 2015 Honda NSX

The stylish factors of exterior design are continuing for interior design too. Cockpit focuses on driver as all the sport cars. Angled steering wheel and matte aluminum surface support sportive look of NSX. Interior design is really ergonomic. Driver access all the functions easily.

Specs of 2015 Honda NSX

Car gets super performance from V6 petrol engine with 3 hybrid electric motor.  The power generated by the motor is transmitted to wheels by dual-clutch automatic transmission. Electric engine is located between gearbox and gasoline engine; and providing brake and shift performance. Other 2 electric engines control torque in right and left turns. Engine, electric motors, and batteries are located to obtain ideal weight distribution and low center of gravity. So the light weight from chassis material is supported with the lowest center of gravity of the class. Technologies like Sport Hybrid Super, Handling All Wheel Drive, and Agile Handling Assist provides optimum grip. Integrated Dynamic System consists different driving modes such as Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes. With these modes transmission, engine sound, engine settings are changed. 2015 Honda NSX gallery is below!

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